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About Us

Launching in 2002, Gripping Potential is the largest provider of tennis in the North-East. Led by director, John Hampson, the Gripping Potential tennis coaches aim to provide a personalised experience to every student, ensuring there is an agreed tennis goal with every player, and a purpose to each lesson

Our Philosophy

Learn – Practise – Play

How we retain information and become great. First we learn; in tennis this is our standard coaching session. Most clubs encourage lessons and then club competition however, this can be quite daunting for beginners of all ages therefore, before we play, we must practise. We promote the Gripping Potential methodology of Learn – Practise – Play and provide affordable opportunities for all players to practise and play in a safe and nurturing environment before and alongside playing traditional tennis competition.

In addition to this model applicable to individuals of all ages and standards, teams are encouraged to have their coaching together, practise together at squads or their own organised training and then play together. This builds a deep connection as a team and improves teams as well as individuals. It’s a simple concept but it is the core of what we do to improve players games and show them how to live a tennis life.

Everyone plays the game for a different reason and we want you to maximise your tennis and reach your potential ensuring you’re playing your best game. Please get in contact with us to have a chat and we will find the right program for you.

Our Programs

Each of the programs offered by Gripping Potential Tennis Coaching has been created through years of playing experience and visits to many of the world's top tennis coaching academies. We have hand picked what we believe to be the top philosophoies, techniques, skills and applied these to ensure all ability levels are catered for within the diverse range of programs on offer.

- Before and after school Coaching

- Women's Social Tennis

- School Holiday Clinics

- Tournaments

- Elite Squads

- Footwork class

- Cardio Tennis Workouts

- ANZ Hot Shots program endorsed by Tennis Australia

- Mums' program endorsed by Tennis Victoria

- Indoor wet weather fitness program

- ANZ Match Play

- Miss Hits - Girls Program

- Wheelchair Tennis

- Video Analysis Sessions

Our Team

We pride ourselves on engaging great people who also happen to be excellent coaches.

All coaches are hand-picked and trained by John Hampson and are given Gripping Potential lesson plans to maximise their time with students on court and to ensure a consistent and excellent coaching brand. Coaches are trained in a variety of innovative ways ensuring up to date knowledge is transferred to coaches to help service our clients as best we can. The world's most renowned training complexes and programs have been visited by our coaching staff including several tennis academies in Spain and Nick Bolletteri's academy in Florida, USA.

All Gripping Potential coaches have a current working with children check and have been approved to work with kids.

We work with over 20 coaches and use the most suitable coaches for each session however, if you believe a different coach would be suited to you please simply ask, finding the perfect coach is sometimes like finding the perfect shoe you have to try them out and they don’t always feel right. No coaches will be offended, we just want you to love your tennis with whoever can help you to do that!

Coach Name Title
John Hampson Level 3 High Performance Coach
Gavin Jones Level 1 Development Coach
Freddy Rubio International Coach
Ruben Rubio International Coach
Chloe Boys Community Coach
Jarron Morris Coach
Andres Jackson International Coach
Angus McCreddan Community Coach
Christian Bongiovanni Coach
Frank Bongiovanni Coach
Emma Wong Coach
Emily Capsalis Coach
Jayden Neilson Coach
Nish Morris Coach
Sacha Rankin Coach
Shareen Bottrell Coach
Tyler Tranquille Coach
Vas Nanagnos Coach
Ben Hampson Junior development Coach
Ian Watson Experienced Coach
Bonnie Restringer

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Invoicing / confirming your spot in the class

Clients will be sent invoices before the completion of each term. Accounts must be paid in full prior to the commencement of each term to secure your spot in the class. Each term invoice will differ depending on the number of weeks in the term. Gripping Potential's term dates are in line with the Victorian Government School Dates. Gripping Potential does not invoice for Public Holidays as there is no coaching on these days. If you would like to make a change to your class or do not wish to continue with your lessons for the following term please email three weeks prior to the end of term so we can adjust your booking and invoice accordingly.

Public Holidays

There is no coaching on Public Holidays. You will not be invoiced for any Public Holiday therefore you will not need a make-up lesson. In the instance that a Public Holiday falls on a Monday, please check with your coach that there are still lessons on the Saturday/Sunday prior. In the instance that a Public Holiday falls on a Tuesday, please check with your coach that there are still lessons on the Monday prior.

Weather / Wash Out / Heat Out

In the event of a wash-out or a heat-out due to the weather you will be sent a text message by your coach at least half an hour prior to your lesson to notify you that the lesson has been cancelled. Your coach will endeavour to text as soon as possible but sometimes may have to wait until close to the lesson to determine the right decision. Please do not call your coach to enquire if the lesson is going to proceed, if you have not heard from us assume the courts are playable and attend your lesson as usual. If the lesson is cancelled due to weather please check with your coach as to when you can attend a make-up lesson.

Illness / Injury

  • You must notify Gripping Potential no less than 12 hours prior to your lesson if you can not make it due to illness or injury in order to arrange a make-up lesson.
  • If you are enrolled in a private lesson please contact your coach directly to schedule a make-up lesson.
  • If you are enrolled in a group lesson please contact the Gripping Potential Customer Service Team via text on +61 402 296 835 with: Student name, Venue name, lesson time and reason for not attending.
  • Only 2 make-up lessons will be available per student per term for illness/injury and at least 12 hours notice must be provided.


Please notify Gripping Potential via email at the beginning of each term if you are missing any lessons due to travel arrangements. Students will be offered opportunities to attend make-up lessons. If it is not possible for make-up lessons, at Gripping Potential's discretion we may agree to adjust the invoice for the weeks that the student can attend lessons.

Make-up Lessons

Make-up lessons are only available to students to have met the criteria listed above. If we have not been notified as to why you were unable to attend with sufficient notice you will not be offered a make-up lesson. Make-up lessons are only available within the same term. There are only 2 make-up lessons per student per term. Make-up lessons are the students' responsibility to follow-up. Make-up lessons must be made up, these will not be refunded. Students can attend another similar class at any Gripping Potential venue for a makeup lesson.

If you are enrolled in a private lesson please contact your coach directly to schedule a make-up lesson.

If you are enrolled in a group lesson please contact the Gripping Potential Customer Service Team via email via with: Student name, Venue name, lesson time, reason for make-up request and which session you will be attending as your make-up lesson.


Discounts are to reward multiple tennis touchpoints, support those who are committed to tennis and support families with multiple kids wanting to play tennis. The following discounts are per client participating in multiple classes as well as two participants in one class per family.

  • Participating in 2 group sessions, you will receive 5% off the second session
  • Participating in 3 group sessions, you will receive 5% off the second session and 10% off the third session
  • Participating in 4 or more group sessions, you will receive 5% off the second session, 10% off the third session and 15% off the fourth and every session after that
  • Refer a friend and once they have paid for the term you will receive a 10% discount for your next term of coaching. Refer 2 friends, get 20% off etc.